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One more cup of sorrow and then it’s ashes to ashes! Because I got that feeling she loves me not, now everything’s ruined! Maybe I should be aggressive and I wont start feeling smaller and smaller but the evidence says I should take this bottle and be a king for a day in a land of sunshine. Caffeine will stave off this midlife crisis or maybe I’m just digging the grave? Well I’m falling to pieces and you probably think this is epic as you drive away in your RV wait are you singing we care a lot? Ya damned crack hitler…. what a day.
Jerry Winnett compiled this from Faith No More’s catalog of ass kick ass albums.
I see the madness taking place in the Middle East between Muslim and Muslim, between Muslim and Jew and Christians too. I wonder would such rancor exist if religion were to suddenly vanish? If it had never been? In my Non Religious eyes I wonder if we’d be at peace with one another or would we still be mad as ever. Perhaps we’d a bit more honest with why we kill instead of saying we do so to appease a god(s). Because if we really are homicidal over reaching the afterlife that only proves to me any religion is a curse.
 - Jerry Winnett, No Relgions.
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