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Religion would be great if it did not make so many insane.

My humble opinion on how to solve the strife in the Middle East, in Europe, Africa, here in the US and the rest of the world. Please read.

All religion must be curtailed, reason, logic, empathy and true morality without the fear of damnation as the key motivation, these things must come to the forefront. Religion and all of it’s practices, it’s zealotry, it’s mixed messages, its wanton need for conformity or death must be confined to their places of worship. Anyone who brings these things out of these “Religious Zones” should be thrown into asylums or exiled from their communities. Is this harsh? Yes, but is it as harsh as thousands of years of warfare concerning the life after this one? I don’t think so. But wait you say, religion is not bad, just some of the followers! Alas religion is it’s followers. It is unfortunate  that the worst of the lot speaks the loudest and cast it all in a horrid light. 

I’ve often been called an atheist. I am not. I just don’t like the record of bloodshed connected to religion. Here is the base issue I am unable  to understand. If you feel you are destined to go to heaven, and are positive others will go to hell then what is the need for all the ugliness? “Have a fucking coke and a smile”! Rejoice in the knowledge that when you die (if you’re right about your destination), then all the people who are not like you will not be in heaven/paradise to annoy you. You can join hands with like souls and sing “We are the Champions”! Right? Why does religion always come down to a Holier than thou dick measuring contest and bloodshed? Religion would be great if it did not make so many insane. 

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